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Curriculum Requirements for Undergraduate Students of Dept. of Mechatronic Technology National Taiwan Normal University

Approve by the conference of 9th preparatory committee of 92 academic year. (93.05.24)
Approve by the 1st provisional agenda amendment in 4th senate meeting of 92 academic year.(93.06.17)
Approve by the 6th faculty meeting of 96 academic year.(97.05.07)
Approved by the 3rd faculty meeting of 98 academic year.(99.05.05)

I  The regulations are set in accordance with constitutions of NTNU.

II The relevant regulations of curriculum credits.

  A. The undergraduate students of this Dept. only need to earn at least 130 credits to graduate (educational credits are not included).

  B. Required credits (educational credits are not included) are:

  1、28 credits of University common compulsory subjects.

  2、66 credits of common compulsory subjects of this Dept.

  3、At least 24 credits of specialized subjects of this Dept.

  4、12 credits of selective subjects.

  C. Students with 130 earned credits but fail to meet the requirements from Item 1, 2 and 3 from category B will not graduate.

 D. Students should take up courses as priority.  Students are not allowed to select subjects which have been taken.  Students are not allowed to select the courses which have conflicts in scheduling, otherwise, they will be give zero point for those subjects.  


III.  Waive credits.

  A. The application to waive credits must be submitted before the deadline of add/drop courses of the first semester of the academic year. Students can submit the application for subjects which are announced until semester starts and are limited to one time only. 

 B. Students who have been studying the subject for over 4 academic years, starting from the enrollment date, will not be allowed to apply for waiving credits.  Students with 40 waived credits will advance one year and will follow the requirement for credits for each semester.  

 C. The approval and stipulation of waiving credits.

  1、The University common compulsory subjects: Chinese and English, and compulsory subjects of this Dep.: Calculus and so on, which are approved by relevant institutes.

  2、The literacy classes and other compulsory subjects given by other Dept. are approved by relevant institutes.

  3、The specialized subjects which can be waived must be the compulsory and selective subjects stipulated by this Dept. (open in the latest 4 years). The subjects have to conform to the specialty of the applicants. 

  4、The specialized subjects of this Dept. are approved by the dean or designated teachers. If it is necessary, the designated teacher could hold a screening test (written test、oral test or operation) for applicants. Applicants can apply to waive the credits when they pass the tests.

  5、Students can waive up to 50 credits.

  6、Credits earned from the overseas universities approved by Ministry of Education, should be taken into considerations and waived according to this relevant regulations.

 D. For any ambiguity or incompleteness, please refer to The Bylaw for Waiving Credits for Transferred and Re-examinees.

IV. Students are also required to obtain the certificate for foreign languages, such as GEPT intermediate level or equally-leveled exam. Alternatively, the students could take the courses from our school, such as “Advanced English II & III” included in English Competency Tutoring Classes. With certificates from those courses, students can apply for oral defense. In terms of the definition of core courses, this has to be approved by the student’s dissertation supervisor and the dean. (For more information of foreign language proficiency approval, please refer to the regulation of “Criteria of Foreign Language Proficiency for Graduation and Remedial Measures”

V. For any incompleteness and doubts, please refer to related student affairs regulations of NTNU.

VI. The regulations will take effect after being approved by the Department Affairs Meeting and recognized by university authority. The same procedure should be followed when revising the regulations.   

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